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KSTAR RADIO 1400 AM has played a dynamic role in Utah radio tradition.  Known for its long-standing tradition of soft adult contemporary music hits, Old Time Radio Show and Sounds of Sunday Latter Day Saint Sunday programming, KSTAR has been producing popular talk radio shows for for its tens of thousands of Utah listeners for over 20 years.

Mondays: (Mountain Time)

9:00 – 9:55 a.m. — “Talk of the Town” Talk Radio Show, Hosted by Donna Max

10:00-11:55 p.m. — “Old Time Radio Show”


9:00-9:55 a.m. — “Fringes”Talk Radio Show, hosted by Mike Rigby

11:00-12:55 p.m. — “Healthy Wealthy Wow!” hosted by Kim Power Stilson Carla Russell & Donna Root

10:00-11:55 p.m. — “Old Time Radio Show”


9:00-9:25 a.m. — “Shining Moments”Talk Radio Show, hosted by Susan Lutz

10:00-10:55 a.m. — “Glenda the Good Nurse” hosted by Glenda Christaens

11:00-11:55 a.m. — “Healing Talk”Talk Radio Show hosted by Diana Hoffman

12:00-12:55 p.m. — “What Gets Under Your Skin?” hosted by Christine Heathman

10:00-11:55 p.m. — “Old Time Radio Show”


10:00-10:55 a.m. — “A Healer in Every Home” Talk Radio Show hosted by Laura Jacobs

11:00 – 12:55 p.m. — “Healthy Wealthy Wow” hosted by Kim Power Stilson, Carla Russell & Donna Root

10:00-11:55 p.m. — “Old Time Radio Show”


9:00-9:55 a.m. — “Gospel Doctrine” Talk Radio Show hosted by Donna Max

10:00-10:55 a.m. — “Restore America” Talk Radio hosted by Hans Andersen

10:00-11:55 p.m. — “Old Time Radio Show”


9:00-9:55 a.m. — “A Healthier You!” hosted by Fawn & David Christoper

10:00-11:55 p.m. — “Old Time Radio Show”


8:00-8:55 a.m. — “Gospel Doctrine” Talk Radio Show hosted by Donna Max (replay)

9:00-9:55 a.m. — “Music & the Spoken Word”

10:00-onward — “Sounds of Sunday” Music

To learn how your talk show idea could be considered at KSTAR 1400 AM, or to garner more information about our talk radio show, please contact kstar1400@gmail.com


2 Responses to KSTAR Talk Radio Shows

  1. Walter Stewart says:

    To Donna Max Host of “Talk of the Town” ,
    I’m sure you get lots of these ‘suggestions’ for your program, here goes anyway.
    A member of my LDS Ward wrote and interesting book entitled ‘Fall of the Great and Abominable Church [One World Order]’ by Frank M. Keele.
    He has recently expanded it; it is his ‘self published’ book.
    He has some book signings upcoming.
    I am blatantly attempting to help him.
    I was visiting with him yesterday and he shared his ongoing ‘process’ of delving into the Scriptures and resultant insights to this topic and others.
    In my desire to help him ‘share his message’, I thought of you and your program, and felt it worth the venture to write and recommend him to you for program interview consideration.
    His phone number is: 801-709-5225
    His web site is http://www.thegretandabominable.com, and/or http://www.millennialdawn.com/ .
    Thanks for all you do in keeping our community informed!
    Walter Stewart
    P.S: Thank You For The Gospel Doctrine Program Too!!

  2. george pease says:

    How can I listen to last Friday’s broadcast of Restore America and this week’s broadcast? Thank you. I enjoy Christmas music and k-stars programs.

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