Tips for Marital Happiness through the Holidays on “Healing Talk” radio show.

Talk About Tips for Marital Happiness through the Holidays on  “Healing Talk” radio show.


This week’s Talk Radio Topic  is “Tips for Marital Happiness through the Holidays” on Planetary Streams Talk Radio
Salem, UT – December 1, 2010 – Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network today announced that Diana Hoffman, Trauma Recovery Specialist, Owner of the Salem Counseling Center and host of  “Healing Talk” radio show, will be joined by guest Merilee Van Wagenen, LCSW, who will share “Tips for Marital Happiness Through the Holidays. ” on December 1.   Healing Talk with Diana Hoffman, broadcasts locally every Wednesday on Utah’s KSTAR 1400 AM and globally throughout the following week, starting on Saturday at 11 a.m.  Mountain Time on Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network, and Web Campus World Wide Talk Radio.
According to Merilee Vanwagenen, Licensed Clinical Social worker and a former trainer and presenter for the Arbinger Institute, some common pitfalls in marriage can be avoided if partners adjust some very common–and mistaken paradigms.  For example, research indicates that an individual who is in love, or recently married experiences a very high level of the brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine.   This brain state creates a euphoria that may last up to a year.   In this state spouses feel that they have found ultimate happiness and that all their emotional pain is over.    They feel as if they can overcome any obstacle together, and will surely never be like those “other” married people who have problems.  This state of bliss lasts for a few months to a year.    After that, it becomes essential that the marriage be based on a level of deep commitment and unselfishness if it is to continue.
Because of this state of euphoria, individuals often think that their love for each other will ease all of their unresolved pain and insecurities.    As the brain chemicals return to normal levels, some individuals begin to think “I don’t feel those wonderful feelings any more.  My pain is coming back.   My spouse isn’t trying hard enough to ease my pain.   He or she must not love me enough.   Or maybe we are falling out of love.”  Its important that individuals take accountability for their own feelings, and don’t look to their spouse as someone to “fix” them or guarantee their happiness.
In our culture an individual is also likely to idealize their partner, and believe the partner will think the same and make the same choices in a situation that the individual would make.  This type of assumption leads to conflict. Marriage ideally becomes a journey of discovery if spouses recognize that each member of the partnership is a distinct and unique individual, with a background, perspective and thinking approach that differs from that of their spouse.

About “Healing Talk” Radio Show: The “Healing Talk” Radio Show explores the best of current research and resources for healing mind, body and relationships, and for building a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.  Hosted by Diana Hoffman, LPC, Trauma Recovery Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of Salem Counseling Center in Salem,Utah.  Listen LIVE every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM.  Listen to internet replay every Saturday at 11 a.m. Mountain Time with the previous week’s show repeating daily at 11 am on and  Contact: or visit the website,


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